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It's been a while since I posted smth here.
And it was a long hiatus/depression but I feel a little bit better now.
Hello, dears! ♥ I'm hoping you remember me.
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PaperLegends: Seven Steps

And here are my illustrations for slashweaver's awesome story <3
Am I the worst artist in the world? D:

Title: Seven Steps
Author: Harlequin aka slashweaver
Artists: tindu (art) and gealach_ros (graphics)
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Gaius, with a full supporting cast of Alice, Arthur, Erika (OFC), Freya, Gwen, Hunith, Lance, Leon, Morgana, Teague (OMC), and sundry others
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 36,400
Warnings: Includes a secondary character death, as per canon. Also involves, as will be obvious, a significant age difference between the two lovers.
Summary: Merlin is an art student, working as an orderly at a Pendragon Care care home during the summer break; he falls in love with Gaius, one of the (temporary) residents. The feeling is mutual, but such an unexpected relationship is never going to be easy to establish when both men feel so diffident about their claims on each other. And that's before taking into account the mutual antipathy between Merlin and Gaius's beloved godson Arthur, not to mention a surprising addition to Merlin's family, and Merlin's grief over his best friend Freya being institutionalised…
Story link: Read it at our Seven Steps website, or on AO3.
Graphics link: graphics by gealach_ros


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PaperLegends: Destiny That Darkly Hides Us

Here are my illustrations for nympha_alba 's amazing story <3

Title: Destiny That Darkly Hides Us

Author: nympha_alba

Artist: tindu

Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: ~40,500

Warnings: Angst, war, minor character death, major character death (temporary/reincarnation) - and did I mention angst?

Summary: Historical AU with magic. It's 1913, the practice of homosexuality is unlawful, so is the practice of magic. When Arthur Pendragon and Merlin Emrys meet as Cambridge undergrads, they are both hungry for a real and true connection without secrets. For a short time they believe they may have found it. But war breaks out and separates them, and it seems unlikely that they will meet again. After all, what are the odds?

Story link: On LJ (masterpost) On AO3


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ART: Waters of Avalon (Arthur/Merlin); G

Title: Waters of Avalon
Artist: tindu (Merlin's Team)
Rating: G
Characters: Arthur/Merlin
Medium: Traditional (digital) art
Warnings: Death of character
Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to Shine and BBC. I make no profit from this endeavor.
Artist's Notes: Drawn for Russian Arthur/Merlin OTP-fest "Two sides of the same coin"

Theme №16
Merlin (to Arthur): Come on. Dollop head... I need you to recover. (pause) Purhhaele dolgbenn. Listen to me, clotpole. I don't care if you die, there are plenty of other Princes. You're not the only pompous, supercilious, condescending royal... imbecile I could work for. The world is full of them. But... I'm going to give you one more chance. Licsar gestapol nu.

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I really like boys who can dance, especially when they have incredible skills. That's my weak place. 

And a new Ukrainian group, KAZAKY, owns me. I'm not impressed by their music and lyrics just didn't noticed it at first time but our accent makes me smiling :) When I see the boys' skills, dance... NGH! Am I in Heaven?
I love how they show beauty of male body, their plastic is fascinating and impressive... Omg I can't stop watching these videos! *swoons*

Must see! 

That's my favourite ♥ 
I'd like to draw something with them *___* Want Kazaky-fanfiction and Kazaky-fanart so much! ♥♥♥ *crosses fingers* 
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Hi, my darlings! *waves*
Missed you so much!
  • You know, I'm such a conservative person and now it's so uncomfortable to read LJ in Russian. I've read it in English during two years, I used to see English menu, English stuff (disabled Cyrillic services) and now it's all in Russian. Yes, I love my mother tongue but I can't get used to see it here *sigh* LJ associated with English and now I've got a cognitive dissonance... *scratches head*
  • I've got a very useful (and unpleasant for me) lesson. Dear me, please start to draw your ideas when they come and don't wait for the moment when someone will do it before you... Now I try to calm my heart down and forget about this situation - I don't like to be the second and abandon my almost finished art.
  • I'm so sorry for my short temper *sigh* But I really don't like this year...
  • PARKED. I WANT TO SEE IT! I need Fred and Cathal in my life! <3_<3
  • Important and permanent: Colin Morgan is the most incredible person in the world.
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ART: In the closet (Arthur/Merlin); R

hs_merlin was a really great fest and I cross my fingers it will be next year <3
How did you know it was me? *g*

In the closet
Recipient: ohwhoahbaby 
Artist: tindu 
Rating: R
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Medium: Traditional (digital) art
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong to Shine and BBC. I make no profit from this endeavor.

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